Krav Maga Untamed

Counter Terrorism/Active Shooter

Learn how the run, hide, fight methodology can be used to increase your survival chances, and what you can do if you have to engage with a gunman.

Civilian targets have become highly frequent throughout America and the rest of the world. Terrorism poses a direct threat to every person no matter gender, age, religion or location. We want to teach you what actions can be taken when all other options are off the table. 

No previous experience is required for this class. Designed for men and women 18+. 

Each workshop is a tailored scenario that incorporates Krav Maga UntamedTM military/law enforcement tactics, maximum impact techniques, and strategies that are used in the Israeli Special Forces to combat or prevent terrorism. Each workshop is taught by our Expert Krav Maga instructor from Israel with combat and training backgrounds in Counter Terror and Israeli Military Krav Maga. The Krav Maga UntamedTMCounter Terrorism/Active Shooter classes incorporate simulated violence, using audio and dummy rubber gun and knife weapons. You will learn how to develop skills that can minimize the impact of an active shooter or terrorist attack, and prevent additional harm to you, your loved ones and bystanders. 

We teach you how to quickly turn the table on a hostage situation no matter if the gun is pointed at you or other bystanders/hostages. Learn how easily and quickly you can de-weaponize an attacker and be the one in control. Learn how to use peripheral vision to asses your attacker and the weapon. Practice real life high stress scenarios along side our professional instructors in a safe and encouraging environment. Learn how to train your memory and attention to always say alert and aware of surroundings while going through daily life and traveling. 


We recognize that the threat/risk of being involved in an active shooter incident is relatively low (along with having to deal with an assailant armed with a long barrel weapon), but we also understand the high consequences that follow these incidents and want our students to be able to know what to do in them. The solutions we teach have been proven effective in real-life scenarios in Israel and around the world, so we know that the information we provide and the techniques we teach can be relied upon when things go bad.

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