Krav Maga Untamed

Hate Crime Self Defense

Hate crimes and violence against several communities and ethnic groups on campuses and around the world are sadly on the rise. We want to teach you how to defend yourself and avoid becoming a victim if ever faced with an attacker for any reason. We take you step by step through a variety of real-life scenarios taken straight from recent news headlines. We teach you how to defend yourself against the most basic or extreme events that can happen in the street, bar, or home. A crucial part of your training is learning how to always be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to details. Our classes are designed to sharpen and train both your mind and body to react quickly and effectively. This class is for all genders and groups; but is specifically designed with the wellbeing of the LGBTQ community and various ethnic groups in mind. It covers common street scenarios like muggins and burglaries; as well as hate crimes such as beating and stabbing. This class is designed to ease each student's anxiety and empower them with the required training to be in control of their safety. 

Some of the topics and techniques covered include:

*         Learn how to recognize a threat before it even begins
*         Train your mind to gather information and your body to react quickly 
*         Learn Hand-to-Hand self defense
*         Learn defenses against muggings with guns and knives
*         Learn how to block attacks and neutralize an aggressive opponent from short and long range distances
*         Learn how to use weak points and joint manipulation to neutralize a violent opponent
*         Learn counter techniques against unarmed and armed attackers
*         Learn counter techniques against chokes and grips
*         Learn how to neutralize an attacker with weapons and gain control
*         Learn multiple opponent strategies

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