Krav Maga Untamed

Hiking and Camping Self Defense

Crime isn’t just an urban phenomenon.

There is always more safety in numbers, especially in the great outdoors where many things can suddenly change, but if you must go alone- go with effective and life saving self defense techniques packed along with your gear.

There are many situations to be aware of when planning an outdoor adventure. 

Drug dealers often pick up shipments in nature areas, addicts go there to use drugs out of sight and human predators look for unprepared trail hikers for victims. In addition to human threats there are also wild animals. 

When packing for an outdoor adventure most people only research and think about necessities such as: matches, extra water, energy bars, weather appropriate gear, para cord and a compass.  Many hikers often do not think about carrying any kind of personal protection device or the need to learn life saving self defense skills. It is easy to simply be focused on the logistics for the adventure and not take into account the possibility of an assault by a human or animal. Self defense training is especially important for solo hikers on long well known trails such at the PCT, Appalachian Trail, etc. 

This Hiking and Camping Class is specifically designed to provide training for both men and women solo adventurers, but is also beneficial for when in a group. We will show you essential light weight self defense items you need to pack and effective ways to use them against an attacker. Our Krav Maga techniques are based on natural body mechanics and reactions, enabling students of all sizes and fitness levels to effectively benefit if ever faced with an attacker on the trail.

Some topics and techniques we will cover:

  • How to effectively use a hiking stick or poles against an attacker
  • Multiple uses of a flashlight as a weapon
  • How to use a pen as a weapon
  • How to use para cord/rope as a weapon or to neutralize an attacker
  • How to use every day toiletries as improvised self defense weapons
  • How to use your backpack against a wild dogs
  • How to effectively get out of Duck Tape handcuffs 
  • Defenses against rope and sticklike objects
  • Defenses against knives and guns

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