Krav Maga Untamed

Law Enforcement Training (LEO)

Krav Maga UntamedTM offers law enforcement and military workshops and classes that have been designed specifically for law enforcement units and security operatives. These courses include intensive tactical training which combine realistic scenarios and on-scene solutions in varied situations. Each combat training course can be modified to the specific scenarios and needs of the client and unit.

Krav Maga UntamedTM offers a comprehensive LEO program that teaches both armed and unarmed defensive tactics when dealing with aggressive and non-complient individuals. Our unarmed hand-to-hand components are based on reflexive and instinctual movement, using non bruising pain compliance; and include work with baton, OC/CS spray and cuffs. Officers are taught how to use these methods and tools efficiently on their own and as part of a team.

Krav Maga uses instinctive responses for all threats and attacks. Our techniques and methods have been used under stress and duress in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and can be relied upon to be highly effective when most needed. Our program can be adapted and tailored to meet either an individual or a department’s needs.

Krav Maga Untamed’s tactical courses contain the following elements:

  • Defensive Tactics for Disarming and Take Downs – How to disarm a variety of weapons from different positions; either as part of a threat, attack, escape, or from common holds/constraints
  • Pressure Point/Joint Manipulation -  control and restraint to include non bruising pain compliance on a assailant (to using the assailants own clothing etc.)
  • Cuffing Techniques/Methods –  restrain a suspect safely and quickly with efficient techniques that allow total exposure to the wrists etc.
  • Threat Recognition & Assessment – study of the pre-violence indicators, that indicate/signal when a suspect is about to become violent.
  • De-escalation & Effective Communication – how to recognize situations where de-escalation would be effective and appropriate, and how to resolve conflicts either between an officer and a suspect, or between two or more aggressors etc.
  • Weapon Retention & Deflection – how to retain a sidearm when under stress and duress, either when holstered or un-holstered etc.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat - close quarter effective blocking and restraining techniques on assailants when unable to draw weapon
    • Theoretical Knowledge 
    • Tactical Drills and Realistic Scenarios 

    Krav Maga UntamedTM combat training courses will include a variety of advanced combat training materials according to the specific analysis of the client/unit’s needs and operational reality. We tailor our courses and workshops per group, location or scenario. Krav Maga Untamed’s extensive experience and capability allows us to provide you with an answer to any scenario, event or attack.

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