Krav Maga Untamed

Military/Special Operations Training

Our military courses are designed with B.L.U.F.F in mind, keeping training straight to the most relevant points. They are highly focused on specific areas for each unit's specific needs. We understand the need for a soldier to be combat ready in the shortest amount of time. We know that the amount of hours that can be devoted to training is often extremely limited, so we have designed this curriculum using the techniques that are the most easy to pick up, practice and recall in the shortest possible time. These techniques have been tested and performed by soldiers in the Israeli Elite Special Forces Units (IDF) under extreme stress and duress, as well as when fatigued,  with high success. 

We know that concepts and ideas can be remembered long after techniques have been forgotten. The Krav Maga UntamedTM program teaches a set of core concepts and principles that are easily remembered and recalled; and enable military personnel to recreate forgotten techniques through visualization. When training this way, soldiers can problem solve situations, threats and attacks that they may never have faced or trained against before. Our program develops a creative mindset that can apply simple fighting/combat ideas to endless combat situations.

Krav Maga has been used by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) since the late 1940’s and has proven itself effective time and time again. Our military program is simple, but not simplistic, and deals with both armed ( stick, knife, short and long barrel weapons, etc.) as well as unarmed assaults. Much of what is practiced is at extreme close quarters and teaches soldiers how to incorporate their weapon systems into their hand-to-hand training. There is a high emphasis on aggressive mindset training and the cultivation of the “never give up” attitude which characterizes the mentality of the IDF.

We provide custom training and courses to meet the particular unit’s needs. 

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