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Krav Maga UntamedTM

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  • Train with a Special Operations IDF experienced instructor from Israel
  • Learn the most advanced and updated Gidon System based curriculum from Israel
  • No watered down techniques or gimmicks. Just pure IKMA Gidon System Krav Maga
  • No Long Term Contracts!
  • UNLIMITED access to all classes and knowledge!
  • DISCOUNTS if you would like to commit to 6 months with us!
  • This is our PASSION. Become a part of our Krav Maga UntamedTM family as we give you our best and share our passion with you!

Learn the most efficient and practical self-defense fighting system in the world; taught by an expert Krav Maga instructor team from Israel with combat and training backgrounds in Counter Terrorism and Israeli Military Krav Maga.

You will learn tactics, techniques, and strategies used by the Israeli Special Forces Military to combat both general assault and terrorism. Krav Maga uses your instincts to teach you simple moves that anyone can learn. At Krav Maga UntamedTM we work closely with you at your own pace, fitness level and goals to develop awareness, confidence, muscle memory, logic and control. You will gain increased stamina, fitness, mental awareness, focus and a reduction in stress.

In this class you will learn:
  • Hand-to-Hand self defense
  • The principles of attack and defend
  • Defensive techniques from all ranges and angles
  • Weak points and joint manipulation
  • Upper and lower body attacks and defenses
  • Counter techniques against unarmed attacks
  • Counter techniques against armed attacks with various weapons; knife, stick, axe, etc.
  • Counter techniques against chokes and grips
  • Counter techniques against bear hugs
  • Disarming and neutralizing weapons
  • Multiple opponent strategies and tacticts
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Women's Self Defense

Women's Self Defense for Home, Work, School, Travel and 'On the Town'

Hands on training in various real life locations and simulated situations. Krav Maga relies on one’s natural instincts and reflexes; making our program an easy to learn self-defense system for women of all ages, sizes and physical abilities. We take you step by step through a variety of real-life scenarios taken straight from the most recent headlines and teach you how to defend yourself against the most extreme and violent events.

The focus of these classes is to help you develop a constantly safe and pro-active mindset, verbal self-defense skills, confident body language and the techniques needed to stay safe no matter what. We take you step by step through various scenarios taken straight from current headlines so we can teach you how to defend yourself from the most common to the most extreme and violent events. We offer both private and group lessons in various locations to include your: home, school/college, work, community club and more! Our trainer Meg knows from person experience how terrifying some situations can be and personally works with you to guide you through each technique step by step. We understand that the scenarios and subjects covered in these classes can often be sensitive and emotional; especially for those who have suffered violence previously.

Our focus is to offer a safe, positive, understanding and fun environment that enables each woman to be EMPOWERED!
There are no rules. There is no judgement.

This class is designed to inspire the UNTAMED viking-like warrior in side of each of woman and set her free from worry, anxiety, violence and domination. This series is open to women ages 14+ and does not require prior experience of any kind. 

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Krav Fit Cardio Bootcamp

Want to get into the best shape of your life?

Yes?!! Great!!

Hate the traditional gym and fitness programs?

Don't have the energy and motivation on your own?

Want to learn life saving techniques while shredding?

New to Krav Maga? Don’t sweat it. We welcome students of all levels to join our fitness workouts. The movements we teach can be modified or progressed in a way so that you can participate safely and effectively at any level of fitness.

In this class we have maximized on the original Krav Maga techniques and mixed it with the expertise of top fitness professionals. We’ve designed a state of the art fitness system that delivers outstanding results in a relatively short time. Our unique combination of classes develops strength and stamina; agility and coordination, speed and explosiveness; mobility and balance; power and mental fortitude.

Although you will get some fitness when you train in all of our Krav Maga self defense classes, we focus those classes on teaching techniques and developing fighting skills. We save our fitness focus for our Krav Fit Cardio Bootcamp! We have exactly what you need to reach your goals while having a blast and learning self defense movements that will empower you no matter your age, gender, or current fitness level! In these training sessions we incorporate drills and exercises used by the IDF (Instructor Thor has both trained and served in Elite Israeli Defense Forces units) and mix them with Kickboxing, MMA and other Martial Arts workouts to create the most well rounded fitness training sessions to get you in the best shape of your life!!

Join us for both private and group Krav Fit Cardio Bootcamp classes that will keep you moving in creative and efficient ways to get you to your fitness goals. This is where we TEAM UP and NEVER GIVE UP! We know how difficult it is to stay motivated and reach your desired fitness level. We like to keep things fun, inventive and use team work during class! We also know that with success should come reward. Not only will you be rewarded by the way you start to feel and the results you see in the mirror, but we also give you little "High Five Gifts" as you reach our 'Krav Fit Bootcamp Goals' throughout our program. As a couple team Thor and Meg together offer their personal training and holistic health and wellness certifications, alongside their Krav Maga certs., to give you a a full fitness program and support system all along the way. We take the guess work out so you can have more time to enjoy life!

Soon you will be counting down the days until class starts again instead of dreading counting calories and how much more you HAVE to do to reach your goal. You will WANT IT and be just as addicted as us to our Krav Cardio Fit Bootcamp!! 

We can't wait to have you join our team!

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School/College Campus Safety

We offer a wide variety of services to colleges and universities throughout VA and the US.


A University or Colleges' first responsibility is the safety of it's students. Students with various demographics and backgrounds from around the USA and world attend college each year, but few are given the knowledge or the skills needed for personal safety that will increase their chances of avoiding being a victim of a violent assault or rape. Many Campuses are now providing self-defense training for both their staff and students as part of their overall safety improvements. Active shooter incidents are on the rise each year. Our training is designed to enable both faculty and students with the knowledge and defensive techniques needed to eliminate fatalities.


Many fraternities, sororities and other university groups recognize the importance and value of personal safety and self-defense training for their members. Our instructors tailor seminars and training to meet each organization's needs. We provide both safety lectures on personal safety etc., and a more hands-on, physical self-defense seminar. Our training is reality based and can be directed to specifically meet the personal safety needs of your group. For example: If you are a sorority, we can discuss issues such as date rape, and issues common for women; or for Fraternities and other groups we can discuss general issues that effect campus residents such as muggings, burglaries, bar fights, etc.


Teachers and Administrators have always been and will always be the first responders of any act of violence in our schools and colleges. Each year there are more reports of students turning violent and shootings happening in classrooms. Our teachers need to know how to protect both their students and themselves. Our goal is to equip and train you with defensive tactics and the knowledge required to make your classroom and work space as safe as possible. This specialized program is for faculty only and is designed to help you train your mind and body to act, both individually and as a team, as quickly as possible when faced with a violent student; eliminating the "freeze" response that so often happens when one is panicked. We will teach you how to use classroom and personal objects as cover and weapons, to provide optimal safety and de-weaponize an attacker. Our program includes training for both armed and unarmed first responders to effectively avoid, barricade, or combat violent students/attackers.

Topics and trainings that are covered based on each schools need: 

  • Restraining Students in Altercations (on school grounds and the bus)
  • Defenses Against Weapons
  • Effective and Appropriate Compliance Techniques 
  • Female Teachers/Professors vs. Large Male Students
  • School Gangs (prevention, intervention, and enforcement strategies)
  • School Bus Security (how to prevent and manage violence and emergencies on buses)
  • Active Shooter 

Our Krav Maga training not only looks at physical self-defense but also teaches the necessary personal safety knowledge required to predict, avoid and prevent violence from occurring in the first place. We teach you how to heighten your situational awareness, de-escalation skills and decision making in high stress situations. This provides both a comprehensive and hands on learning experience that seals our training into your muscle memory for life. 

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Tactical Athlete Training

Krav Maga in the world of sports will take your game to the next level!

“To be a better football player than you’ve ever been, you have to do something you’ve never done.” - Felicity Luckey

Football is commonly referred to as a combat sport, but combat skills are not trained throughout the year. Football players are limited to the off season to train for their sport. For this reason, players in the NFL have started using Krav Maga and mixed martial arts in the offseason to help them become better on the field. Krav Maga, a blend of boxing and many martial arts, provides football players with a unique method to stay in shape while also training their hands and body to improve in on-field performance.

“When you play this game and have played it long enough, there’s always going to be some kind of obstacle you face. You have to learn how to adapt. This is the kind of game that you never know what’s going to happen. Guys get hurt left and right, so every play could be your last play."

- NFL player Olivier Vernon (New York Giants)

Here are three ways that NFL players use Krav Maga combat training to improve during the offseason:


Hand combat training is designed to sharpen the player's "weapons for battle." This training is done with a partner and provides the athlete opportunities to focus on spacing, timing, accuracy and speed specific to their sport. The drills are practiced in brief, focused and frequent sessions at least twice a week. As the athlete improves, speed and intensity are added along with the use of equipment such as focus pads.

Some teams and athletes know to add Krav Maga or mixed martial arts to their training include: Carlos Dunlap of the Cincinnati BengalsConnor Barwin of the Philadelphia Eagles, Olivier Vernon of the New York Giants and Luke Kuechly of the Carolina PanthersVernon explains (in an interview with Inside Football) that his training focused on using various parts of his body to improve his techniques. "Stuff like turning shoulders and turning certain points on the body to help you get around," he said. "They broke it down more to be a more effective way of using the hands as far as putting the placement on it."

Hand combat training has grown quickly because players understand the importance of "preparing for battle". For years, there was a gap in specific development outside of the team practice. So, players are now seeking this style of training during the offseason and continuing it throughout the year.

"Using hand combat training has helped my reaction. My hands and pass rush moves are quicker and more reflexive when going against offensive tackles during a game,"- Carlos DunlapDunlap trains hand combat once a week outside of practice and also follows a pregame routine that warms his hands up prior to kickoff.


Players use boxing in the offseason to develop skills that can be translated into approved movements on the field. Boxing improves hand-eye coordination as well as quickness and stamina. NFL players get a high cardiovascular endurance, and yet low impact on the lower body, workout from boxing. Within each workout the player must learn how to breathe effectively and pace himself between punching combinations. Boxing teaches striking and how to evade a defender, which translates into highly useful football movements. during a game. 


Krav Maga grappling (a blend of wrestling, judo and jiu-jitsu) is a phenomenal way to train balance, the push-pull relationship, body positioning, leverage, hip mobility and total body endurance. A takedown in wrestling is much like a tackle in football. There is also a great deal of hand-to-hand combat during wrestling, judo and ju-jitsu matches. Another benefit to NFL and various athletes that comes from grappling is learning how to properly "fall," absorb force and roll along the ground. This skill can highly reduce the amount of wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries that can occur when a player hits the ground in a game or during practice. Any player looking to gain an advantage and prevent injury should consider adding grappling to his/her training. 

Some of the NFL's best linemen were wrestlers in high school. Super Bowl winning offensive lineman Josh Kline of the New England Patriots was a heavy weight champion in the state of Ohio in high school. During his time training with Ignition for the NFL Combine, Josh displayed great agility, as well as the ability to bend at the hips and knees. Other NFL players who wrestled in high school were Ray Lewis, a state champion in Florida, and Roddy White, a champion in South Carolina.

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Counter Terrorism/Active Shooter

Defend. Attack. Live!

Learn how the run, hide, fight methodology can be used to increase your survival chances, and what you can do if you have to engage with a gunman. We teach you what to do when emergency teams are not available you you are faced with no choice but to act!

Civilian targets have become highly frequent throughout America and the rest of the world. Terrorism poses a direct threat to every person no matter gender, age, religion or location. We want to teach you what actions can be taken when all other options are off the table. 

No previous experience is required for this class. Designed for men and women 18+. 

Each workshop is a tailored scenario that incorporates Krav Maga UntamedTM military/law enforcement tactics, maximum impact techniques, and strategies that are used in the Israeli Special Forces to combat or prevent terrorism. Each workshop is taught by our Expert Krav Maga instructor from Israel with combat and training backgrounds in Counter Terror and Israeli Military Krav Maga. The Krav Maga UntamedTM Counter Terrorism/Active Shooter classes incorporate simulated violence using audio and dummy rubber gun and knife weapons. You will learn how to develop skills that can minimize the impact of an active shooter or terrorist attack ,and prevent additional harm to you, your loved ones and bystanders. 

We teach you how to quickly turn the table on a hostage situation no matter if the gun is pointed at you or other bystanders/hostages. Learn how easily and quickly you can de-weaponize an attacker and be the one in control. Learn how to use peripheral vision to asses your attacker and the weapon. Practice real life high stress scenarios along side our professional instructors in a safe and encouraging environment. Learn how to train your memory and attention to always say alert and aware of surroundings while going through daily life and traveling. 


We recognize that the threat/risk of being involved in an active shooter incident is relatively low (along with having to deal with an assailant armed with a long barrel weapon), but we also understand the high consequences that follow these incidents and want our students to be equipt to know what to do in them. The techniques we teach have been proven effective in real-life scenarios in Israel and around the world, so we know with assurance that the training we provide can be relied upon when things go bad.

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Law Enforcement Training (LEO)

Krav Maga UntamedTM offers law enforcement and military workshops and classes that have been designed specifically for law enforcement units and security operatives. These courses include intensive tactical training which combine realistic scenarios and on-scene solutions in varied situations. Each combat training course can be modified to the specific scenarios and needs of the client and unit.

Krav Maga UntamedTM offers a comprehensive LEO program that teaches both armed and unarmed defensive tactics when dealing with aggressive and non-complient individuals. Our unarmed hand-to-hand components are based on reflexive and instinctual movement, using non bruising pain compliance; and include work with baton, OC/CS spray and cuffs. Officers are taught how to use these methods and tools efficiently on their own and as part of a team.

Krav Maga uses instinctive responses for all threats and attacks. Our techniques and methods have been used under stress and duress in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and can be relied upon to be highly effective when most needed. Our program can be adapted and tailored to meet either an individual or a department’s needs.

Krav Maga Untamed’s tactical courses contain the following elements:

  • Defensive Tactics for Disarming and Take Downs – How to disarm a variety of weapons from different positions; either as part of a threat, attack, escape, or from common holds/constraints
  • Pressure Point/Joint Manipulation -  control and restraint to include non bruising pain compliance on a assailant (to using the assailants own clothing etc.)
  • Cuffing Techniques/Methods –  restrain a suspect safely and quickly with efficient techniques that allow total exposure to the wrists etc.
  • Threat Recognition & Assessment – study of the pre-violence indicators, that indicate/signal when a suspect is about to become violent.
  • De-escalation & Effective Communication – how to recognize situations where de-escalation would be effective and appropriate, and how to resolve conflicts either between an officer and a suspect, or between two or more aggressors etc.
  • Weapon Retention & Deflection – how to retain a sidearm when under stress and duress, either when holstered or un-holstered etc.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat - close quarter effective blocking and restraining techniques on assailants when unable to draw weapon
    • Theoretical Knowledge 
    • Tactical Drills and Realistic Scenarios 

    Krav Maga UntamedTM combat training courses will include a variety of advanced combat training materials according to the specific analysis of the client/unit’s needs and operational reality. We tailor our courses and workshops per group, location or scenario. Krav Maga Untamed’s extensive experience and capability allows us to provide you with an answer to any scenario, event or attack.

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    Military/Special Operations Training

    Our military courses are designed with B.L.U.F.F. in mind, keeping training straight to the most relevant points. They are highly focused on specific areas for each unit's specific needs. We understand the need for a soldier to be combat ready in the shortest amount of time.  We know that the amount of hours that can be devoted to training is often extremely limited, so we have designed this curriculum using the techniques that are the most easy to pick up, practice and recall in the shortest possible time. These techniques have been tested and performed by soldiers in the Israeli Elite Special Forces Units (IDF) under extreme stress and duress, as well as when fatigued,  with high success. 

    We know that concepts and ideas can be remembered long after techniques have been forgotten. The Krav Maga UntamedTM program teaches a set of core concepts and principles that are easily remembered and recalled; and enable military personnel to recreate forgotten techniques through visualization. When training this way, soldiers can problem solve situations, threats and attacks that they may never have faced or trained against before. Our program develops a creative mindset that can apply simple fighting/combat ideas to endless combat situations.

    Krav Maga has been used by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) since the late 1940’s and has proven itself effective time and time again. Our military program is simple, but not simplistic, and deals with both armed ( stick, knife, short and long barrel weapons, etc.) as well as unarmed assaults. Much of what is practiced is at extreme close quarters and teaches soldiers how to incorporate their weapon systems into their hand-to-hand training. There is a high emphasis on aggressive mindset training and the cultivation of the “never give up” attitude which characterizes the mentality of the IDF.

    We provide custom training and courses to meet the particular unit’s needs. 

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    Travel Safety & Security

    Traveling both domestically and internationally include risks in many ways. 

    However, we often don’t consider these things as we get caught up in the excitement of planning a vacation. Our personal safety can take a back seat as we settle into our little getaway from the 'real world'. Our guard is often down and we are less aware of our environment than we might usually be back home.Travel security does not need to be burdensome, but it does require knowledge of some risks such as:  hotel 'fires', unscrupulous taxi/Uber drivers, strangers that follow too closely, muggings at an ATM, etc. When traveling to South America, Parts of Europe, and many other regions, the risk for human trafficking, abduction and drug violence significantly increases and is cause for specific hands on and theoretical training in these areas. 

    We regularly provide workshops and classes on travel security and safety that cater to both professional business travelers and recreational travelers. Our programs vary in depth according to the destination and length of travel of the client. A 90-minute introductory seminar will give a broad overview; while a 2-4-hour seminar for business executives and high profile clients will go into more detail surrounding information, privacy, security, personal safety, hands on training, etc. 

    We customize our training based on our client’s needs, e.g. prevalent threats and dangers in a particular country, risk assessments surrounding civil unrest, statistics, etc. While our regular Krav Maga training includes physical techniques to deal with kidnappings, abductions and more, our Travel Security training focuses more on educating you on individuals/groups, the warning signs that are evident with these types of criminal activities, how to avoid being targeted in the first place, etc. 

    If you travel for business and/or pleasure and want to understand the various risks and dangers you may face, along with how to reduce risk, then this component of our training will meet your needs. 

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    Real Estate Professionals' Safety

    Understanding what you look like to a criminal is imperative.

    Real estate agents are the ultimate soft targets (easy opportunity).  You can be called by anyone at any time and be requested to meet alone at an empty property. An attacker already knows what you look like, and due to social media they can quickly find out a great deal of personal information about you in advance. Do you look wealthy, weak or wear a lot of jewelry? These clues give a criminal a chance to profile you for added value.

    Every Real Estate agent should learn anti-abduction techniques. The possibility of kid napping using the agent's vehicle is a very likely scenario. Your car could be full of useful property locations that a criminal may need; all while also providing a means of transportation, credit cards and cash. If the criminal ever plans to kidnap and transport you to a different location, our life saving anti-abduction techniques will give you the upper hand and skills you need to escape and turn the tables on your attacker. 

    Our specialized Real Estate Self-Defense training is designed to prepare real estate professionals physically and mentally to react and defend themselves if ever in a threatening situation. We teach you simple tips ad tricks to say and do with a client to prevent any potential of attack or harm from the beginning. Additionally, our life saving anti-abduction techniques will prepare you for the worst case scenario if a criminal plans on transporting you to a different location. The training covers a wide variety of scenarios both inside and outside a property; as well as around vehicles, dark parking lots, etc. We teach effective and street proven self-defense techniques straight from Israel, such as: releases from wrist grabs, purse and hair grabs, striking defenses, chokes and bear hugs, weapon disarming and ground survival techniques.

    Our training will provide you with the necessary tools needed to minimize the potential of an attack, prevent criminals profiling you from the beginning and fend off an attacker. Our goal is to help you feel secure and empowered when showing each property. Krav Maga relies on one’s natural instincts & reflexes, and is an easy to learn self-defense system for all ages, sizes and physical abilities.

    This training is designed for ALL real estate professionals…real estate agents, mortgage brokers, title agents, appraisers, home inspectors, property manager, new construction agents, commercial brokers, and anyone else involved in any aspect of real estate. The goal of this program is to teach you how to stay safe on the job!

    We are all paying insurance on material items that depreciate daily such as a car, phone or appliance. Why not insure your most valuable asset-YOU! Most of the time everything will be completely safe, but each tip or piece of advice is just another tool for you to have prevent any potential harm. Never forget that there are individuals who prey on others for a living. It’s better to be preventative and ready, and never have to use most of the techniques, than it is to need it and not have the training. 

    Our instructors are available for classes and workshops off-site at homes, real estate offices and company locations. 

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