Krav Maga Untamed

School/College Campus Safety

Krav Maga UntamedTM offers a variety of services to colleges and universities throughout VA and the US. We offer a Campus Safety & Awareness Program and Active Shooter and Hostage Training; as well as Krav Maga workshops and self-defense training programs for fraternities, sororities and other university groups. We are available to teach a variety of hands-on classes and workshops on your campus/school, as well as theoretical informative lectures. Our training is designed to empower both faculty and students with the knowledge and defensive techniques needed to eliminate attacks and fatalities; this is a must for schools and universities today. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of awareness and strength both as individuals and as a unit.


A University or Colleges' first responsibility is the safety of it's students. Students with various demographics and backgrounds from around the USA and world attend college each year, but few are given the knowledge or the skills needed for personal safety that will increase their chances of avoiding being a victim of a violent assault or rape. Many Campuses are now providing self-defense training for both their staff and students as part of their overall safety improvements. Active shooter incidents are on the rise each year. Our training is designed to enable both faculty and students with the knowledge and defensive techniques needed to eliminate fatalities. 


Many fraternities, sororities and other university groups recognize the importance and value of personal safety and self-defense training for their members. Our instructors tailor seminars and training to meet each organization's needs. We provide both safety lectures on personal safety etc., and a more hands-on, physical self-defense seminar. Our training is reality based and can be directed to specifically meet the personal safety needs of your group. For example: If you are a sorority, we can discuss and train on issues such as date rape, and issues common for women; or for Fraternities and other groups we can discuss and train on issues that effect campus residents such as muggings, burglaries, bar fights, etc. 


We have designed this class to help train your staff’s mind and body, to react individually or as a team, when faced with a violent student in a class or bus situation. Through proper techniques, we eliminate the "freeze" response that often happens when one is panicked and unable to react. This class also includes a large emphasis on prevention and intervention of student situations, to include techniques against those with weapons. This course is essential and valuable to every faculty member at your institution. 

Each class is taught by our expert Krav Maga instructor from Israel with combat and training backgrounds in Counter Terror and Israeli Military Krav Maga.

Some of the training that we cover:

*  Restraining Students in Altercations (on school grounds and buses)

*  Defense Against Weapons

*  Effective and Appropriate Compliance Techniques

*  Female Teachers/Professors vs. Large Male Students

*  School Gangs (prevention, intervention, and enforcement strategies)

*  School Bus Security (prevent and manage violence/emergencies)

*  Active Shooter

 (*Please note that these techniques are taught with the intention to be used when professional emergency personal are not on scene or able to help.)

Our Krav Maga training not only looks at physical self-defense but also teaches the necessary personal safety skills to predict, avoid and prevent violence from occurring in the first place. As well as teaching effective and proven techniques, we also teach situational awareness, de-escalation skills and decision making in high stress situations. Our workshops and classes offer a comprehensive and hands on approach to self-defense.

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