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Travel Safety & Security

Traveling both domestically and internationally include risks in many ways.

However, we often don’t consider these things as we get caught up in the excitement of planning a vacation. Our personal safety can take a back seat as we settle into our little getaway from the 'real world'. Our guard is often down and we are less aware of our environment than we might usually be back home.Travel security does not need to be burdensome, but it does require knowledge of some risks such as:  hotel 'fires', unscrupulous taxi/Uber drivers, strangers that follow too closely, muggings at an ATM, etc. When traveling to South America, Parts of Europe, and many other regions, the risk for human trafficking, abduction and drug violence significantly increases and is cause for specific hands on and theoretical training in these areas. 

We regularly provide workshops and classes on travel security and safety that cater to both professional business travelers and recreational travelers. Our programs vary in depth according to the destination and length of travel of the client. A 90-minute introductory seminar will give a broad overview; while a 2-4-hour seminar for business executives and high profile clients will go into more detail surrounding information, privacy, security, personal safety, hands on training, etc. 

We customize our training based on our client’s needs, e.g. prevalent threats and dangers in a particular country, risk assessments surrounding civil unrest, statistics, etc. While our regular Krav Maga training includes physical techniques to deal with kidnappings, abductions and more, our Travel Security training focuses more on educating you on individuals/groups, the warning signs that are evident with these types of criminal activities, how to avoid being targeted in the first place, etc. 

If you travel for business and/or pleasure and want to understand the various risks and dangers you may face, along with how to reduce risk, then this component of our training will meet your needs. 

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