Krav Maga Untamed

Women Self Defense Class

Women's Self Defense for Home, Work, School, Travel and 'On the Town'

Join us for hands on training in various real life locations and simulated situations. The focus of these classes is to help you develop a constantly safe and pro-active mindset, verbal self-defense skills, confident body language and the techniques needed to stay safe no matter what. We take you step by step through a variety of real-life scenarios taken straight from recent news headlines, so we can teach you how to defend yourself from the most common to the most extreme and violent events. We provide hands on training in various real life locations and simulated situations. Krav Maga could be called the "great equalizer" because the system's techniques can allow a 90 lb girl to neutralize a 300+ pound guy by focusing on the attacker's vulnerable points and using natural body mechanics. A crucial part of your training is learning how to always be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to details. Our classes are designed to sharpen and train both your mind and body to react quickly and effectively. The goal is to remove the common "freeze" reaction and empower you with the knowledge and techniques you need to be in control of your safety; and even the safety of those around you. This class provides a safe, positive and fun environment that allows each woman to find EMPOWERMENT.

We offer both private and group lessons in various locations to include your home, school/college, work and community club! Our trainer Meg knows from person experience how terrifying some situations can be and personally works with you to guide you through each technique step by step. We understand that the scenarios and subjects covered in these classes can often be sensitive and emotional; especially for those who have suffered violence previously.

Our goal is to eliminate the common "freeze" reaction and offer a safe, positive and fun environment that allows each woman to feel EMPOWERED. We train in class to prepare us for anything that might come our way. 

Some of the topics and techniques covered include:

*       How to escape hair and hand grabs

*       How to get out of bear hug

*       How to escape chokes and neck strangles

*       How to disable an armed attacker

*       How to get out of a rape situation (ground work)

*       How to use your personal belongings to defend yourself

*       How to be pro-active and aware of your surroundings

*       How to use items in your environment, purse or backpack for self defense

This class is designed to inspire the UNTAMED viking-like warrior in side of each of woman and set you free from worry, anxiety, violence and domination. Females 15+ are encouraged to join!

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